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Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Skye!

When I first had my daughter, people were always telling me..."cherish these moments, they go by fast!"They weren't kidding either. As I look back at all that has happened during my baby girl's first year, all I can really say is Thank you, Lord! I am so grateful that the Lord has had His hand over her to protect her. Every month I would look back and compare how much my little baby has grown. It really does tickle me at the changes she has gone through physically in such a little bit of time. I think it is crazy that I have so many memories of her already...the first time I held her in my arms..., the first time I saw her smile, ...the first time I heard her say Mama...(sigh)...I've taken as many pictures as I could, almost everyday. I just want to remember these moments forever.120703_0003.jpg

I think about my job as a mom and wonder if my mother thought of these things. She was great at being a mom and I appreciate her so much for all she has done for me and my family. She and my daddy sacrificed a lot just so we would be ok. I was looking at some old photos of me and my siblings with my parents growing up. I can't believe how quickly the years go by! I remember the trips to the park and the many different places we lived and how much fun me and my siblings had together. I really miss those times...

Skye really amazes me. Every day she does something that makes me smile..and it makes her smile too! Sometimes I think that she isn't aware of her ability to do things and it shocks her that she can do them, like open doors or scream. (lol) she also likes to take things apart like the remote control or try to put things together like the buckles on her car seat and high chair. She does a lot of these things with very little effort as if to say that they aren't as challenging as they would be for most I mention that she makes me laugh?

I took my little baby to the hospital for x-rays on her ribs. Remember last year when she had MSRA? Well, her pediatrician wanted to have another x-ray to make sure that she is still doing fine. Even though I won't find out her results until Monday, I already know that my baby is healed! I
 know that the Lord has blessed her with a healthy body and there is no need for me or her to ever worry about that again.She didn't want to be there at the x-ray room and refused to lie down on the table. She cried even though I was holding her hand. I suppose it wasn't enough for her, she wanted didn't take but a few minutes, but it was long enough for her.I think she remembers where she was and wanted to go home. 130306_0001.jpg

I am so thankful that God specializes in healing. I would be so lost if it hadn't been for His steady and calm hand. When you call on the name of Jesus, expect results! I cry every time I think about what I have gone through and how God walked with me the entire way. I have no doubt that He will always honor His promise and take care of my little baby.Before I gave birth to her, I prayed that she would grow to love God...that her heart will be filled with love and compassion...and that she will always trust in the Lord. I also asked for her protection throughout her life and that no matter what came her way, He would take care of her. I know that He heard my prayers and it gives me so much comfort knowing that when I finally gave birth to my precious little girl, she was in His hands.
This past year has been filled with so many great memories that I will always treasure. I am thankful that the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to raise my daughter and teach her how great our Heavenly Father is. I know my mom would be proud that I came back home to where I once was when I first asked Him into my life. I still have my ways at times, but I am thankful that He forgives me and allows me to try again. 

Today is my precious angel's birthday. I can't believe this day is finally here. I pray the Lord blesses you with many more healthy and prosperous years to come. Seek the His face constantly and you will never have to worry about a thing. I love you and I look forward to our journey together.  You have made me so happy little one and I proud to be your mom. Happy birthday Skye!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Just Go For It!

Well, everyone...I'm back again. I decided to update everyone on my progress with the Daniel Fast. My time is almost up and I have done my best in keeping up with all that I am suppose to do. Some days I didn't do my devotionals, but I tried to make sure that I at least prayed. I sometimes felt like I was cheating myself when I did that. During this journey I have been working on some of my goals that I had made for the year. I have to say that it is a slow journey and I am not going to stop until I get there. I have cut out the sweets and wheat out of my diet for this period. It has been a little difficult because I have run out of ideas on what to eat...but I still pushed through. I began working out to try to meet another one of my goals. I've been waking up at 4 a.m. to get to the gym by 5. My days are so busy and I find that this is the perfect time to go.

Since I started doing these things, I have noticed a few changes in my life. Things aren't looking the same. I look around me and my circle of people I am around seems to keep getting smaller. The funny thing is that for some reason, I don't mind. I feel that there is a reason for everything and God has a better plan for me that doesn't require an entourage. I feel lighter, if that makes any sense. I don't feel so stressed out about appearances or feel that I'm in a competition anymore. I know that I want something better and for me to do that, I have to do things different than I did before. My drive is my hunger for a life that desires to be a more faithful servant to the Lord and to seek His face first. I don't want to do anything without Him in it. I want to be someone He can count on.

I'm looking at this year as a chance to do better for myself , my daughter, my fiance, and my family. I am striving to go beyond the comfort zone and push myself to do more than what I am use to. I am beginning to love myself again. I know it is strange to say, but for awhile I didn't even like myself. All I did was beat myself down like I didn't deserve anything good. I had to forgive me so that I can move on. Life has its ups and downs and you just have to keep getting up. I just read in my devotional that, " it isn't over until God says so, and He hasn't." I know that life can be really dark sometimes. You can't always see where you are going, but someone once said that," if you can't see His hand, trust His heart." I know that God has a plan for everyone. You just have seek Him first and He will show you the way...Thanks for reading everyone. May the Lord keep you in His keeping and may His face shine upon you in all that you do...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My New Year Goals

 Happy New Year everyone! It is finally out with 2012 and in with 2013! Last night I took my little Skye to watch the fireworks at her Dad's friends house. Her face was filled with awe as she saw each firecracker set off into the sky and explode. I loved seeing that. I have always enjoyed watching fireworks. I look forward to it whenever the appropriate holiday is here. Before the midnight came, I decided to write my goals down. I tried to remember the one I had made for the year before and it is so sad that I couldn't think of what it was...that was the whole reason for making only one. I wanted it to be remembered throughout the year so that I could work on it...but whatever...Anyways, I came up with 10.

I'm sure that if I see them everyday, I will be able to work on them throughout the year...I won't bore you with all ten of them. I just wanted to share two. The first one is to make sure I pay my tithes, no matter what! I have seen the blessings when it came to my being obedient to God's word. I want to always have that. Not only for the blessings, but because I want to be obedient. My mother use to say to me that "obedience is better than sacrifice," I never understood what that meant until recently. She really was a good teacher...but that's what I have decided to do.

The second goal I want to share is that I want to speak kind and encouraging words to people. Those who knew the old me, knew that I can be a pretty mean and spiteful...sometimes on purpose. My form of apologizing was that maybe you shouldn't have provoked me to be so mean...I know, that is not an apology but I never liked to say I'm wrong. Thank God for His grace! I don't want to be that person anymore. I want it to be obvious that I am saved. I want to use my words to encourage and uplift. I know it will take some time because this didn't happen overnight. I will do my best and with God's help I know I can accomplish all my goals so long as I put Him first.

I also decided to participate with other members of my church in the Daniel Fast...I figure since I don't eat meat and can't stand wheat, I can sacrifice the sweets...for 21 days! Lord, help me... lol...I know I can do it. I'm actually looking forward to doing this. I will keep you all posted on how well I am doing ( or not doing). I wish you all a prosperous New Year! May the Lord keep you and bless you throughout the year and that all your endeavors be successful. Until next time peoples...

I just want all I do to glorify Him

Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Time To Write

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. The year 2012 is rapidly coming to an end and I decided to begin my first blog. How appropriate for me, seeing that this year has had so many ups and downs, twists and turns, moments of pure darkness and moments of absolute joy...I just had to type it all out.

 My name is Sheivon Sene. Earlier this year I became a mother of a beautiful baby girl. This is my first child and I am so thankful that the Lord blessed me with Skye at the time He did. The first couple of weeks weren't so peachy. At 11 days old my daughter was hospitalized for a week due to a high temperature. The doctors ran plenty of tests and were still unable to find anything that would cause my precious baby to have a high temperature for so long. After 5 days they discharged her and she seemed ok for a little while. After another week baby Skye was admitted into the hospital again. This time I was also admitted. The doctors then determined that she had pneumonia in her lungs and  both of us  had MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) which is a strain of staph infection. I also got diagnosed with Mastitis ( breast infection). At this time I was more worried about my daughter than I was of myself. I think I could have died when I was told that my baby was going to be transferred to Emory Hospital in Atlanta which is roughly two hours away. I knew I was no good to her if I didn't get better first. I had to have surgery and it wasn't as painful as I thought. I had a few days to recover before I was discharged.  I had friends and family come by and visit. I also had people from my church and work stop by to offer their support and prayers. Even though I almost never had a spare moment to myself, I felt so alone...I missed my mom most during this time...She died eleven years ago and it still hurts... I was finally released from the hospital on Easter. This was my  baby's first holiday and  I couldn't be with her. I don't think my eyes were dry for the next three days. I called everyday to the hospital to check on Skye. I know the nurses must have been tired of hearing from me, but I didn't care. I was having such a hard time without my little baby. I called my sister in law and asked her if she could come down and sit with Skye so she wouldn't be alone. I was thrilled when she said she would. After a week and half of being away from my daughter, I was finally cleared to be with her. I don't know how I was able to sit through the car ride up there. I was so excited to see Skye. I could barely contain my tears of joy as I finally got to hold my daughter...I was then told that the next day she was to be transferred back to the hospital in our home town. Her doctor ordered her to remain in the hospital for 3 more weeks. I never left her side.
 Everyone thought that being in that hospital room for so long would drive me crazy...they didn't understand that the time I was already away from her drove me insane...I wasn't going to go through that again. Everyday I watched Skye with tubes in her arm and not once did she complain. To look at her, you would have never known she was sick. God really did have my baby in His hands! Every time I tell this story I can't help but cry...My precious daughter is a fighter. I call her my miracle baby because what she went through had all the doctors stumped. They were all so amazed at how well Skye was handling this whole situation. She smiled bright everyday.
We finally got to go home and we couldn't be more happier. Post partum issues definitely were part of my life for awhile. I dealt with it the best way I could...through prayer. I can't tell you how many times I thought that what I went through was a form of punishment...for having my daughter out of wedlock and maybe being really cruel to people when I should have been kind. I had to eventually let that negitivity go. I know that God was taking this situation and showing me that He is bigger than any sickness...He is bigger than any diagnose any doctor can make. He is bigger than any situation that would cause us to doubt...God really showed His hand. He taught me to be patient and quiet. I am so thankful that He blessed me with a child who showed me how to wait on Him. I look at my daughter now and smile...everyday she grows bigger and smarter...I am so amazed at all she learns. I just want to be a good mother to her, who teaches her to always put God my mother taught me.
Skye got to enjoy all the other holidays without any problems. Her first Halloween she got to parade around as a Tootsie Roll...Thanksgiving she was able to eat turkey for the first time...and Christmas was different for her...normally she likes to rip paper but this time I don't think she understood that it was ok to rip the paper. I have been so blessed this year with people who care so much to be there for me, my fiance, and my daughter. I am so thankful for them...God placed them in my life for a reason.
I know that my journey is far from being complete. The year 2012 has been great and I am ok to put it all behind me. I look forward to 2013 and the blessings it has for me and my family. I think that this blogging thing might be a permanent thing...I had fun doing it. Thanks for reading my post. I look forward to the next one...Keep us in your prayers...Happy New Year everyone!!! God bless...